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Make a Stringed Musical Instrument

Head to Stan Ceglinski’s site - Billinudgel Woodworks & Stan’s Music Factory - for fascinating musical instrument-making workshops and more.

Have a go on a 100-year-old cross cut saw and take home your own “art worked” disc ($10) or make a funky Diddly Bow.

Using traditional woodworking hand tools, create your own “music sticks” from a freshly-split section of wood. 

Make a unique, “rustic”, yet incredible-sounding 3-string electric lap steel slide guitar. Cost for this workshop is $100.

Check out Stan’s range of unique hand-made guitar-style stringed instruments

Email  or phone 0412 429 156 if you’d like to book a spot…or bookings can be made on the day.

 Stan Ceglinski has spent the past 27 years travelling throughout Australia, entertaining, educating and workshopping with folk from 4 years old onwards. Stan demonstrates his skills with cross cut saws, broad axes, adzes, shingle splitting and the design & making of interesting musical instruments.