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Funky Gourd Birds - Hosted by Mothar Mountain Gourds


or Phone 07 5494 3151

Saturday 29th April 1:00pm -2:30pm
Sunday 30th April 1:00pm -2:30pm

$5 per child
Minimum age 7 years

There is a maximum of ten places per workshop and bookings are required for each participant.

Maxene from Mothar Mountain Gourds is offering workshops for kids to make Funky Gourd Birds using the intriguing and unique natural shapes of the gourd. Maxene works with kids and groups of adults to share the secrets of how they transform gourds into natural art. This workshop offers the young artisans a chance to create their own groovy gourd bird from an all natural material you can grow yourself. See what other amazing creations can be made from a vegetable that has been around since before the ice age!

Maxene offers these workshops through her Mothar Mountain Gourds business, where kids and adults attend workshops. Maxene has also presented workshops at Art Galleries and other community events. The young participants will learn a variety of skills and will have a bright and unique funky gourd bird to take home with them. This workshop will be open to young people aged 7+.

This workshop is part of the Junior Landcare Paddock activities at the Maleny Wood Expo