Junior Landcare Paddock

The Junior Landcare Paddock is a hands-on experience for young people to explore and be inspired  to work with their hands and learn about engaging with the natural environment and materials.

In 2017 at Maleny Wood Expo, Barung Landcare together with Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC)  introduced the Junior Landcare Paddock: a hub for kids’ workshops and activities. Due to the outstanding success in the 2017 and 2018 Junior Landcare Paddock, we will again be developing our young visitors' skills and ideas with hands-on experiences in the Junior Landcare makers precinct. 
We offered a hands-on, experiential ‘village’, inspiring young people to work with their hands to enhance their appreciation of the natural world. The workshops and activities gave opportunities for participants to develop practical, creative skills and learn about working with natural materials.

See here for more details of the Junior Landcare Paddock.

Workshops at the 2019 Maleny Wood Expo

2019 Sunshine Coast Wootha Prize Exhibition

The exhibition is the end product of a prestigious competition that attracts entries from woodworkers and sculptors Australia wide. All entries must be created from sustainably harvested native timbers, weed or recycled timbers. more info here

Entertainment at the expo

There's entertainment for everyone. For the kids there's clean country fun at the hay bale maze and the Junior Landcare Paddock.  If you want to chill with a musical interlude, grab a drink and head for the Maleny Music tent to catch some of our amazing local talent. more info here

The Wood Workers

From the sophisticated to the sublime, from the radically rustic to the amorphously abstract, our woodworkers never cease to delight and amaze with their breadth of vision for our native and weed timbers. Whether you want furniture for inside or out, or a superbly crafted wooden gift, you’ll find it at the Expo. Seize the opportunity to discuss your ideas for ‘that special piece” - the feature in your home.

The Millers

Watch the sawdust fly as the mobile millers recycle dead, windblown and nuisance trees into usable timber. Take home a slab and craft your own one-off coffee table from our beautiful native timbers. Red and White cedar, Camphor laurel, White beech, Rose gum, Black bean, Blue quandong - the list goes on ....

The Chainsaw Carvers

Watch the woodchips fly as the masters of the art of chainsawing reveal their visions from within a chunk of timber. Working with a range of chainsaws they carve from the massive to minute, the detail and skill will amaze you.

The ToolShed

The  ToolShed houses an increased number of toolmakers this year as well as a small selection of timber.  The toolmakers showcase a selection of beautifully crafted tools including planes, chisels, saws, tools for marking out, waterstones for sharpening edge tools and more - tools for the woodworker with craftsmanship in mind that make woodworking even more of a pleasure.  And outside there are treats for those inclined to bigger toys!

Think Globally Act Locally

From bats to birds to butterflies, from rivers to rainforests, from VCA’s to volunteering – these displays have a wealth of information for those who care. You too can help conserve Southeast Queensland's fabulous biodiversity. The Barung Nursery tent has a huge variety of local native plants to create a fauna friendly habitat no matter what size your backyard.

Tree Farming For The Planet

We must more and more use timber from privately-owned forests as our appreciation of old growth forests leads to cessation of logging. Private forests provide not only timber – they're an important farm asset and income stream. They repair and protect our land and provide biodiversity and habitat, shelter and support for agricultural and grazing enterprises, landscape aesthetics, bushfoods and much more. The Barung Nursery supplies quality tree stock for boutique and larger plantations.

Pull up a haybale and…

...chill with a burger at the Landcare BBQ or drop by one of the other many food venues - there’s something to satisfy every craving!