Tiny Treasures – What’s in the Box?

The 2019 Sunshine Coast Wootha prize has added another new exciting category. The category Tiny Treasures will be awarded $2,500 for a work of a small scale that is beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted in wood. The work created will need to fit inside a post-pak, a post-pak (measuring 130mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 110mm(D)) will be sent to successful applicants for posting their work to us.

Tiny Treasures will acknowledge work small in scale but big on design and craftsmanship. Barung, by offering this category is hoping to encourage artisans working on a small scale and from all parts of Australia and beyond to enter this lucrative prize.

Guidelines and application are online here

Entry fee is $30 (per entry) of for all categories.

The Sunshine Coast Wootha Prize categories and prizes are as follows;

$10,000 first prize sponsor Sunshine Coast Council

$2,500 second prize sponsor HQ Plantation

$1,500 third prize sponsor Timber Transitions

$750 Highly Commended sponsor Geochempet

$500 Peoples Choice sponsor HQ Plantation

$2,500 Tiny Treasures 



“The Blackall Range was first introduced to the notice of interested pioneers through the prevalence of the “blacks” or aboriginals who camped along the coast at Buderim and Mooloolaba and who paid their seasonal visits to the Range when the Bunya Pine Trees, which clothed the area, were bearing their great crop of nuts, which are so delightful when roasted, and availed of them for food.

By this agency, the early white settlers followed the “blacks” who told them of the “big fellow Wootha” (Cedar trees) which also abounded in the area and who thus became infused with the spirit of adventure.

The Red Cedar grew so abundantly and huge in their dimensions, that timber getters, who are invariably the first to interest themselves in such resources, were the first to be attracted, so became our pioneers.”

Reminiscences of Maleny by Dave Hankinson (1978)