Timber Transitions

We are passionate about timber and feel very excited to introduce our fast growing Bush Hut Family to you!

We are always coming up with new ideas to add to our transportable hut creations and enjoy listening to ideas from people when they visit our displays.

It is hard to truly appreciate the unique beauty of timber until you can touch and smell it!

If you would like to visit our work site at Darra to check out what we currently have under construction, please give Neil a call on 0415297841 to organise a time to suit.

We now offer total off the grid options for your huts, so they make ideal Escape Huts for all family members, not just Granny!

Show your plans to Neil....he loves helping to bring your ideas to life and will make sure you are happy with the results.

It is pretty exciting when your unique hut arrives on a tilt tray and is ready for you to use that same day!